How to Choose Your Design Color Theme

There’s no plug-and-play method for determining the best color scheme for your space.  There are so many factors one must consider when selecting a color scheme!  It’s truly an art in and of itself.  

Did you know that color psychology is a thing? It’s fascinating!

Forming a cohesive color scheme throughout your space can be challenging.  In this blog post, I’ll give you some suggestions on coming up with beautiful colors that both get along with each other and with the existing unique features of your space. 


A fantastic way to get started is to check out what you already have.  Look for things you may not change out with the season like wall art, or which aren’t as easily replaced – such as furniture.  

What is the predominant color in these pieces?  If you love this color, use it as the inspiration for the rest of your color theme & decor.

Take this beautiful living room from our West Seattle Renovation, as an example. 

KP Spaces Seattle Washington Interior Design

This room perfectly captures how you can create a scheme that begins at the floor and brings your eyes slowly up to the artwork and then to the beautiful natural wood beam across the ceiling.  Notice how the subtle ceiling light really helps redirect your eyes back to the center of the room and downward again, almost creating a perfect path for you to follow.  

Nothing feels visually out of place. It is cohesive and beautiful.  


Color Wheel, Color Scheme

A color wheel is a great tool to see which colors will work well together. 

The color wheel highlights options for various color schemes possible to pair with your favorite color, of course you don’t have to use bright bold colors and there are thousands of shades and hues available in all sorts of décor items!

While you are selecting this scheme, remember to chose a hierarchy of colours – your primary, secondary and tertiary colors; This will provide a balance within the color scheme and allow you to build and layer your décor with those colors.

Remember to select colors that provide the feeling you are after in your space, and the overall aesthetic you dream of. 

Happy designing!