A peek into KP Spaces’ latest renovation- The Mt. Baker!

If you love whole home transformations, you’re going to love our latest renovation at KP Spaces. Tucked away in the quiet neighborhood of Mt. Baker, our client’s unassuming three-story home is surrounded by trees and boasts the most incredible view of the downtown Seattle skyline. But nothing about the builder-grade house matched the stunning view. Our challenge on this project was to uplevel the floorplan, finishes and fixtures to reflect the Pacific Northwest beauty that surrounds this unique home.


Our clients’ home was built in 2007 by a previous owner who – we think – did a lot of the work themselves. Let’s just say, whoever built this house cut corners… literally! Think mismatched trim, diagonal walls, cheap builder-grade cabinetry, laminate countertops and multiple bump outs. Needless to say, the house didn’t quite fit our clients, who are a young, spunky couple in the tech industry.     

Mt. Baker


After getting to know the house and our clients, we came up with three main design objectives for this project:

  1. Develop a color palette inspired by views of Pacific Northwest nature that can be seen right outside the client’s windows. Weave this color palette throughout a clean, Mid Century-inspired design.
  2. Make the home more functional for our clients by changing the current floorplan. These changes include:
    1. swapping the pantry and powder bath off the kitchen
    2. expanding the size of the hall bath (so you can open the door without hitting the toilet! 😉 
    3. squaring off an angled wall in the primary suite and updating the floorplan of the primary bathroom to allow for a spacious double vanity and roomy spa shower.
  3. Integrate our clients’ fun and bold personalities into the design, to make the space feel tailored to them.


It was definitely a creative challenge to meet all three of these objectives and marry them together seamlessly, but the results speak for themselves. Best of all, our clients now have a fresh, sophisticated space that finally feels like home to them. We can’t wait to share the rest with you!!

Mt. Baker

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