The color palette of our Mt. Baker renovation was a MAJOR part of this transformation. Our clients love color, but they weren’t exactly sure how to use it in their space, which is why they decided to hire an interior designer. 


When coming up with the initial design, we wanted to use color in a fresh, sophisticated way that both fit with the original home and was a nod to the Mid Century design aesthetic we were aiming for. To source inspiration for the palette, we instantly turned to the stunning views of the Pacific Northwest beauty right outside our clients’ windows. This home’s third story main level is nestled between evergreen trees and has views of Seattle from every angle. So a Northwest-inspired color palette was a no brainer! 

Mt. Baker inspiration Mt. Baker inspiration

(image credit: Pinterest)


When building a color palette, it’s important to contrast cool and warm colors, to avoid making a space feel too cold and sterile or too stimulating. Thankfully, nature strikes the perfect harmony of hues! We looked to the deep blue-greens of the Puget Sound, warm wood and earth tones of the trees and mountains, various shades of green from the lush plant life, and even moody grays of our often overcast skies. Here in the PNW, inspiration is all around us! 


As we pulled colors from each element in nature – land, sea, and sky – the more harmonious the color palette became! This even allowed us to integrate our client’s favorite color, chartreuse, seamlessly into the design. (And chartreuse is not exactly the easiest color to work with 😉 )


Next came selecting materials based on this palette. Our first find was the perfect deep blue-green textured tile. We showed this to our clients early on in the design process as an option for the kitchen backsplash, and they instantly fell in love with it, so we knew we needed to build everything else around it. We paired the cool, dark tile with warm white oak cabinets, and earthy terracotta colored tile for the kitchen floors. 

Mt. Baker palette

We layered in shades of green, from moss to pistachio and chartreuse, of course, in the form of tile and colored concrete for the bathrooms, complemented by rich walnut cabinetry. And the winning selection? A heavily-veined grayish marble slab with golden flecks for the countertops in each space to tie everything together. The result was a color palette that struck the perfect balance of fresh, cozy, earthy and cool, and really elevated the overall design.

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