As a Seattle-based interior design firm, KP Spaces has the opportunity to work with an eclectic range of fun, interesting clients who always bring their personalities, unique interests and individual stories to the table. Our goal in designing spaces for our clients is to always ensure that their home is a reflection of their personality. We want it to feel just like them. Just like we did here at our Mt. Baker Renovation.


We often find that our clients struggle with the “right” way to convey personality in their spaces when they begin working with us. Whether they love bright, bold colors or have an extensive collection of rock concert posters, we always find a way to channel their passions into a tasteful, beautiful and timeless design. 


Here are three tips for adding personality to your home, featuring our Mt. Baker renovation!  


  1. Love bold colors? Try tile.
    We love that our Mt. Baker clients were all about bold, bright colors. Our client’s favorite color was chartreuse, and they also loved deep, dark blues and greens. In fact, they painted the walls in a few of their rooms chartreuse, navy blue and deep purple. So when we began their remodel, we took their passion for color and leveled it up a notch, to really elevate their new space.
    Instead of going for chartreuse all over the walls, we toned it down with custom chartreuse floor tiles in a hex pattern for their hall bath. Not only did this add more dimension and depth to the room from the various shades of chartreuse and ivory, but it also added a lot more fun with this playful pattern! Overall, the color upgrade with the use of tile helped their space feel more sophisticated and luxe.
    Mt. Baker (before) Mt. Baker bathroom
       BEFORE                                            AFTER  
  2. Art or retro enthusiast? Light it up!One of the first things we noted about our clients was that they owned an awesome vinyl player and a set of Magnepan speakers. We channeled their love for retro relics into our lighting selections, leaning into Mid Century-inspired fixtures for this modern home. These fixtures act like a sculptural piece of art installed on your walls or ceilings, while also lighting up the space! Finding unique or funky light fixtures that speak to your love of art, pop culture or specific design movements are a great way to add personality to your space in a practical way, beyond just hanging a piece of art on your walls.
    Mt. Baker Mt. baker bathroom
  3. Balance is key.The secret to making all of these personality-based design elements work is BALANCE. In this Mt. Baker renovation, you’ll notice that we paired some of the brighter, funkier components of the design with lots of crisp white walls and grounding wood tones. The white walls allow for some visual breathing room, and allow the show-stopping feature elements, like bold tile or dynamic light fixtures, to really shine! The gorgeous oak and walnut cabinets add a rich, organic element that the space needed to balance out the more graphic, bright accents. When designing any space, we aim for 1-2 interesting feature elements (tile, artwork, a rug, wallpaper, etc.) and balance those out with neutral or simpler elements.
    Mt. Baker Mt. Baker


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